Filing Initiates Court-Supervised Process for Safe Wind-Down and Transition of Assets

Venoco Working with Regulators and Stakeholders to Ensure Safety Throughout Process


DENVER, CO – April 17, 2017 – Venoco, LLC and its affiliates (TexCal Energy (LP) LLC; Whittier Pipeline Corporation; TexCal Energy (GP) LLC; Ellwood Pipeline, Inc.; and TexCal Energy South Texas, L.P. (collectively, “Venoco”) today announced that it has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.  The Company’s assets are expected to be sold or wound down through the bankruptcy process.

“Today’s filing is the result of unfortunate circumstances impacting the company’s financial strength, including the ongoing closure of Plains All American Pipeline’s Line 901,” said Mike Wracher, Venoco’s COO. “We have pursued a number of market-based and regulatory solutions to address these challenges during the last year.  Despite these considerable efforts, our financial position now compels us to take this action.”

“Our employees have helped make Venoco a remarkable company with an unparalleled commitment to operational excellence, safety and support for the communities in which we operate,” continued Wracher.  “We appreciate the friends and supporters who helped us become a successful provider of locally produced energy for the people of California.”

Venoco is working with regulators and stakeholders to ensure the safe transition or wind-down of its assets throughout the bankruptcy process.  As the Company pursues the sale/disposition of its assets, it expects to conduct business as usual and expects day-to-day relationships with employees, vendors, and customers to continue.

Prior to bankruptcy, Venoco quitclaimed its leases in the South Ellwood Field back to the state, which commences the decommissioning process. Venoco and the State Lands Commission have executed a Reimbursement of Temporary Services Agreement for Venoco to maintain the South Ellwood Field assets until the state designates another operator responsible for managing the safety and security of the assets throughout the decommissioning process.

Additional information is available on Venoco’s website as In addition, court filings and other reorganization documents are available on a separate website administered by Venoco’s claims and noticing agent Prime Clerk LLC at

About Venoco

Venoco is an independent energy company primarily focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties. For more than 20 years, Venoco operated in California where there is a rich history of oil and natural gas production from some of the largest oil fields in the country. Venoco built a solid reputation as a good corporate citizen and its highly efficient operations have a distinguished record of meeting California’s high environmental and safety standards, including winning numerous awards for safety from Federal and State authorities.

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